How to get vaccinated against COVID-19

as a foreigner in Indonesia? 

Two official vaccination programmes exist:

Free programme – Requires a NIK

The free vaccination programme is offered to everyone with a NIK (Indonesian identity number). Only foreigners who hold an ITAS or ITAP can and must get a NIK. This programme offers a wide variety of vaccines: Sinovac, AstraZaneca, Moderna, Pfizer and others.

They are distributed through many places, which can be found using the vaccine location search tool from the PeduliLindungi application. Places can be filtered according to which vaccines they have given within the last 2 weeks. Some places may only provide boosters while others still offer first/second doses. Each place has its own registration process hence it is best to look for information about it beforehand.

VGR programme – Open to everyone

Vaksinasi Gotong Royong (VGR) is an alternative vaccination programme sponsored by companies, charities and embassies in partnership with Biofarma, the state-funded distributor of vaccines in Indonesia. Participants must bear the overall cost of the vaccination, which is set by regulation to 306,894 Rp per dose.

VGR is open to all foreigners, including those who use a B211 visa and don't have a NIK. Participants get the same official PeduliLindungi vaccination certificates as those vaccinated through the free programme. Beware that those who registered an unofficial vaccination as "foreign vaccination" in PeduliLindungi won't be able to participate.

VGR uses the Sinopharm BBIBP vaccine. Beware Sinopharm is not approved for children in Indonesia. As of 1 October 2022, travellers vaccinated with Sinopharm are allowed to enter all countries across the world.

Places specifically offering VGR to foreigners can be found here.

What about boosters?

Boosters are distributed under the same conditions of the same two vaccination programmes presented above. To be eligible, one must have officially received two doses through these programmes (with NIK or through VGR), or one in the case of Janssen, and 90 days must have passed since the last dose.

Depending on which vaccine was initially received, different vaccines are allowed as boosters. As of 11 November 2022, these are the approved combinations:

Initial vaccine > Possible boosters

- Sinopharm > Sinopharm

- Sinovac > Sinovac, Sinopharm, AstraZaneca*, Pfizer* or Moderna

- AstraZaneca > AstraZaneca, Pfizer* or Moderna*

- Pfizer > AstraZaneca, Pfizer or Moderna*

- Moderna > Moderna* or Pfizer*

- Janssen > Janssen, Pfizer or Moderna*

- Covovax > Covovax

*Given as a half-dose